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About Manoj Hanchinmani

Mr. Manoj Hanchinmani is a passionate educationist and a driven entrepreneur with a deep commitment to education and technology. Armed with an Engineering degree in Computer Science, he embarked on his career as a Software Developer in the IT industry. His dedication and exemplary work ethics propelled him to the position of Director within a remarkably short span.

Faced with a crucial decision between a thriving IT career in the USA and joining forces with his father, who had just initiated an educational institution, Manoj opted for the latter after 13 successful years in the IT industry. In 2010, he joined the Shantesh Education Society’s Management Committee.

Manoj played a pivotal role in the growth of educational institutions under his purview, contributing significantly to the success of Shantesh Education Society. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found "Evid Tech Solutions" in 2018, focusing on bringing technology into education through innovative software solutions.

Apart from managing Vidya P Hanchinmani PU Science College, Hanchinmani Classes, Hanchinmani International school being secretary of Shantesh Education society, Manoj extends educational services to various institutes across Karnataka. He actively engages in social and philanthropic activities, associating with organizations like the Rotary Club of Dharwad, Sukruti Mantra, and Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement.

Message From Manoj Hanchinmani

Welcome to the enriching world of Hanchinmani College. As an educationist, my journey has been one of passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment. At Hanchinmani College, we believe in empowering students with knowledge, instilling a love for learning, and preparing them for a future of limitless possibilities. Our focus on academic excellence, coupled with a blend of technology, ensures a transformative educational experience. I am proud to be part of a community that not only excels in education but also actively contributes to societal development. Through our various initiatives and partnerships, we extend the benefits of education to diverse corners of Karnataka.
Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let’s continue to inspire and empower the next generation.”

Our Story

The founder of Hanchinmani Classes began his career in the field of physics, starting at J.S.S. College in Dharwad. After serving as the Vice-Principal, he took the entrepreneurial leap in 1994 by establishing his own tuition center named Hanchinmani Classes.In its initial year, the institution welcomed 109 students.

Over the past 30 years since its inception, Hanchinmani Classes has evolved into a prominent educational institution. It has earned a reputation for providing high-quality science education for both PU I and PU II disciplines. The institution’s commitment to excellence has attracted a significant student base, with over 3000 students hailing from various parts of North Karnataka.

Today, Hanchinmani Classes stands as a premier institute, distinguishing itself through its dedication to imparting top-notch education. The institution’s impressive growth is a testament to its founder’s vision and the impact it has had on students seeking quality education in the field of science in North Karnataka.

The school will become 100% techno-savvy to contribute to digitizing India in the next three years.



In the year 1994

He started his own tuition center, "Hanchinmani Classes," with 109 students. The founder of Hanchinmani Classes, Prof. Pralhad R. Hanchinmani, commenced his career as a Physics Lecturer and worked for 35 years at J.S.S College, Dharwad, eventually taking voluntary retirement as Vice Principal.


In 2011

With support and encouragement from parents, Prof. P. R. Hanchinmani established "Smt. Vidya P. Hanchinmani Independent PU Science College."


In 2012

Construction began on a new college building near Nuggikeri village, featuring a state-of-the-art 4-storey main building, 20 classrooms, 4 fully equipped laboratories, a modern library with more than 7,000 titles, 3 study centers for competitive examinations, and separate hostel facilities for outstation boys and girls.


In 2022

A newly constructed state-of-the-art second campus spanning over 8 acres was inaugurated. The campus includes 38 classrooms, 6 laboratories, and a library covering over 3,000 square feet. Additionally, new hostels were built to accommodate over 800 students.

Legacy of Educational Excellence: The Hanchinmani Journey

From Tuitions to Triumphs: Inception and Growth of Hanchinmani Classes

After the successful establishment of Hanchinmani Classes, Professor PR Hanchinmani ventured further to contribute to the education sector. With the unwavering support and encouragement from parents, he initiated Smt. Vidya Hanchinmani Independent PU Science College. Today, this institution stands as a source of pride, having evolved into the most sought-after college in the entire North Karnataka region.

The college boasts a robust student body, with a strength of 2000 students, and an impressive residential community, with over 1400 students residing in campus hostels. The infrastructure is a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment, featuring a state-of-the-art four-story main building, 20 classrooms, and four fully equipped laboratories. The library is a treasure trove with more than 7,000 titles, catering to the academic needs of the students.

In addition to these facilities, the institution has taken proactive steps to prepare students for competitive examinations. It houses three study centers dedicated to honing the skills of students aiming for competitive success. To further enhance the learning experience,

the college offers separate hostel facilities for both male and female students.The success and growth of Smt. Vidya Hanchinmani Independent PU Science College underline its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. Professor PR Hanchinmani’s vision has not only established an educational institution but has also created a thriving community of students dedicated to learning and achievement in the field of science.

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Testimonials From Faculties

Teaching at the VPH college for PUC 1 and PUC 2 grades has been a truly fulfilling experience. Witnessing my students' academic growth and seeing them develop critical thinking skills has been immensely rewarding.


I am proud to be a part of the dedicated faculty at the VPH college. Our collaborative efforts in creating an engaging and challenging learning environment have contributed to the success and holistic development of students in PUC 1 and PUC 2.


Working at the VPH college has allowed me to guide and inspire bright minds during their PUC 1 and PUC 2 grade journey. The institute's commitment to excellence and the professional growth of its faculty make it a remarkable place to teach.


The VPH college stands out for its commitment to providing quality education in PUC 1 and PUC 2 grades. As a faculty member, I appreciate the institute's emphasis on innovation in teaching methods and the positive impact it has on students' learning experiences.


Teaching at the VPH college for PUC 1 and PUC 2 grades has been a privilege. The supportive atmosphere, coupled with a focus on both academic rigor and character building, allows us as faculty to contribute meaningfully to the students' overall development.


I take pride in being a part of the VPH college's faculty, where innovative teaching methods and a student-centered approach are prioritized. It's gratifying to contribute to the academic and personal development of students during their crucial PUC 1 and PUC 2-grade years.


I am privileged to be a part of the VPH college's faculty, where the commitment to educational excellence is evident in every aspect of our PUC 1 and PUC 2-grade programs. The opportunity to shape young minds and contribute to their educational journey is truly fulfilling.


The supportive community of educators and the institution's commitment to holistic education create an environment conducive to effective teaching and student success